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An Idea…

Community Cares Founder, Amy Sayegh

The idea for Community Cares was sparked when I was diagnosed with breast cancer when my children were ages 3, 5 and 6.  During my surgery, chemo and radiation, I was supported by my friends and family and quickly learned how difficult it is caring for children when you are in the fight of your life.  I also learned that not everyone has a generous support system and that I could help. I wanted to help my neighbors and pay forward the help and support I received while going through my cancer treatments.

Through the years we have helped countless families fighting sickness and disease while caring for their school aged children and our support comes from our wonderful community!  I have learned that everyone wants to help but doesn’t always know what to do.  We offer the help and support families need. 

That is why we are Community Cares!

Amy Sayegh, Founder and President

Words from some of our Clients

I Know Someone who needs Help…

You can nominate a friend or family member who you think needs help. Often times, friends, neighbors, or even family members are not sure what to do to help someone. When dealing with a cancer diagnosis, many families don’t know what to expect. That’s where Community Cares can help. We will help determine what you may need and reassess as your needs change. You have all the control, we provide the services. Tell us how much or how little.
When nominating someone, please consider making a donation in their honor, so you can be sure all services are available. Even if you have a large support network helping you, if you are going through chemotherapy or another invasive treatment, you often can’t or don’t want to speak to everyone who wishes to help. When you have others cooking or dropping off meals, they don’t know what anyone else is making and you may end up with lasagna 3 nights in a row.